Shams Langroodi is one of the most prominent literary figures of contemporary Iran. He was born in 1951, in Langrood, a costal town edging on the Caspian Sea. Langroodi moved to Rasht, a large Northern city in Iran, and entered the school of finance, receiving a BA in economics in 1974.
In 1977, Langroodi published his first collection of poetry, entitled “the manner of thirst”. In 1981, he was arrested as a political activist and served a six month sentence due to his opposition. One of Shams Langroodi's major contributions to Persian literature besides his enriched and profound poetry and prose encompasses his four volumes of “the analytic history of modern poetry of Iran” published in Persian.
Langroodi's poems have been translated into many languages and his entire book of poetry entitled “Fifty Three Love Songs” has been translated into Kurdish and Arabic

:He has published the following books in Persian 

1. The Manner of Thirst, 1977

2. In The Twilight of The World, 1985
3. The Whirlwind of A Madness in Surge, on poetic styles (Indian and Kalim Kashani), 1985 and 1986
4. The Ash and the Lady, 1987
5. The Unseen Feast, 1989
6. The Ode For The Fissured Smile, 1991
7. The Analytic History of Modern Poetry (of Iran) in four volumes, 1992, and fourth edition, 2005
8. A March on The Vacant Land, (a novel) 1992
9. The School of Retrospection, A Research in History of Poetry in the Afshar, Zand, and Qajar dynasties of Iran, 1994
10. The Night Maryam Was Lost (Children's book), 1997
11. Notes For a Wooden Nightingale, 2000
12. The Soul-Sacrificer Achieves His Aim, on poetry of Nima Yooshij, 2000
13. Fifty Three Love Songs, 2004
14. Hell's Gardner, 2004
15. The Sailor of Streets, 2006
Forthcoming Publications: -Hearing From Others, Speaking of Self ( a collection of articles) -Who Likes The Vanquished? a novel 

Director's Biography

Born in shiraz in 1980, Behtash Sanaeeha is graduated in civil engineering(BA),later he left his master program in architecture and started to write scripts and directing short films, documentaries and commercials .He also wrote and directed two animated tv series and a TV fiction film. " Risk of Acid Rain" is his first feature film.


 Maryam Moghaddam Actress & Writer
Born in Tehran, Iran, actress Maryam Moghaddam was educated at the international school of the performing Art in Sweden.
From 2006-2010 played in few theater plays in Swedish stage such as: Stadts theater and backa theater Fallet (TV movie, Sweden) 2009

Zero Height, 1994
Cinema is cinema, 1997
Legend Of Love, 1999
Silence Between Two Thought, 2002
The Confrontation, 2004
Chalsio, 2011
Close Certain, 2013