About The Film


Manoochehr is sixty years old. He is retired from tobacco department but still goes to work,since he has nothing to do. His mother longed to see his marriage when she was alive but Manoochehr has no friends ... but Khosro.


It started from an idea, when Maryam and I talked about our biggest concern: human loneliness and his confusion. A theme with different aspects such as love, death and eternity. From ”Voitsek” and human’s perplexity in a grotesk context to “tourin’s horse” and man’s desperation and pain in a symbolic framework. Our paramount concern was to narrate the bitter reality of human being in a simple and minimal way. 

The reality of abandonment...Reality of Manoochehr, a pensioner who is blind to life by its constancy and routines , Mahsa who wanders aimlessly through life and Kaveh, dreaming of living on Mars.

The story which neglects naturalistic and bitter perspectives. It tries to be inspiring rather than dramatic. ”RISK OF ACID RAIN” is a minimal poetic story in a dead end society. A society suffocated by led. A society which is constantly waiting for rain, not knowing that it might be an ACID RAIN!